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By Randall - April 22, 2015



To service or not to service?

We are often asked this question... 'how often should I have my boat motor serviced?'

By Randall Ingold - June 24, 2013
In general, servicing has always been carried out at either 12 months or 100 hours, whichever comes earliest. 100 hours for a keen boat owner can be achieved in a very short time, sometimes in a few months, while others will not do 100 hours of use in many years.

We regularly hear ‘Since the last service, I’ve only used my boat for a few hours so no need to have it serviced again so soon’. However around Auckland the predominant use is in salt water and this is much more likely to cause problems than a boat run purely in fresh water. No matter how you look at servicing, it will pay long term to have your boat serviced at these intervals. So 12 months or 100 hours, keep it regular and prevent problems before they become more expensive.

If you seldom use your boat, get into the routine of starting your boat motor for about 5 minutes once every few weeks, remember never start your boat engine without water flowing through your water pump pickup and engine cooling system.

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